Labor Less on Labor Day

Even though we’ll be working on the dairy and beef farm as usual this Labor Day  weekend, I do look forward to preparing easy but delicous meals for the family.  I find that a good hamburger is hard to beat and of course Anglin Beef is the perfect choice for a tasty burger.  A few weeks ago I was craving the sweet taste of pineapple and decided to try the recipe I found on the Kraft Foods website.  I basically grilled a hamburger and just a couple of minutes before I took the burgers off , I placed a ring of pineapple on the grill for just long enough to heat it (probably 1-2 minutes).  I then dressed the burgers with cheese,lettuce and the pineapple ring.  We have a divided family when it comes to using mustard or Miracle Whip, so every one chose their favorite.  It was very good and met my need for the pineapple taste!  You may want to try the recipe for Hawaiian Luau Cheeseburger posted under the recipe section. 

I hope you enjoy this holiday weekend with your family or friends.  I’m going to labor less with a Hawaiian Luau Cheeseburger!