Farmers Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

Beginning late this afternoon we have received much needed rain to fill our ponds and replenish the moisture in the soil for our soon to be planted hay and corn crops. While God supplies the rain and sunshine, farmers work hard every day to protect the land and preserve our natural resources for future generations.
One of the ways we protect the earth on the farm is to utilize animal manure from the dairy to fertilize pastures and croplands. This recycling adds organic material to the soil which increases the water holding capacity of the soil. An additional benefit of utilizing this manure rich nutrient is that less commercial fertilizer will need to be purchased. A perfect example of recycling right on the farm! Manure management is done by utilizing a farm plan designed by engineers from our local Conservation Office that directs us in the proper amount and application amounts for each field. Soil samples are taken yearly to make sure that the soil gets just the right amount of nutrients.

Earth Day brings recognition of how we must all take care of our environment. Our country’s abundance of food is due to the committment of America’s farmers and ranchers who celebrate Earth Day everyday by caring for the land. Happy Earth Day!